Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to Protect Your Baggage From Theft

Theft is more rampant than the traveler would like to believe, particularly on longer flights. Here are a few ideas to protect your checked in, and carry on luggage.

Here's How:

Replace the locks that came with your suitcases with a stronger lock. A combination lock is preferable so that you don't have to worry about lost keys. Consider this for carry on items as well.

For checked in luggage, add a few strips of colorful tape like electrical tape or hockey tape to help indicate whether your luggage has been broken into if the tape is all torn.

Keep your most valuable items at the bottom of your carry on in order to reduce easy access for a would-be thief.

When possible, place carry on items under the seat in front of you, where it is more difficult for someone else to access.

If your flight stops at another airport before continuing you are often given the option to take a break in the airport terminal. If you do, bring your carry on with you. Otherwise, you have provided a thief with an open invitation to steal.

For longer flights, try placing any items for overhead storage in the bins across the aisle from you so you can keep an eye on anyone rifling through your things.

Do not leave keys, important documents, or your wallet in your coat. Whether it is hung in the wardrobe or tucked in the overhead storage, this is easy prey for a thief.

Vital documents like passports and tickets should be kept on your person at all times if possible. Wearing a neck pouch that can be tucked under your shirt while you are sleeping is a good option.

Keep your wallet on your person at all times. 




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