Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Airport Security Screening Measures for Countries of Interest

14 countries are listed as "countries of interest" or state sponsors of terrorism with the US government. Now, in the wake of the failed bombing attempt of Northwest Airlines 253 on December 25, 2009, the United States will require much stricter screening measures for passengers originating travel in any of these fourteen countries.

Brief summary of the US "countries of interest" for more vigilant airport security procedures 10 are "countries of interest" to the United States, and the 4 countries known to be sponsors of terrorism - Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

Nigeria - this is where the would-be-bomber of the December 25, 2009 attack is from.

Afghanistan - Taliban and Islamic militants are still fighting Western forces in Osama bin Laden's adopted homeland.

Algeria - known to house al Qaeda members.

Iran - has been called a state sponsor of terrorism by the US State Department.

Iraq - long-standing issues that continue post-Saddam Hussein with Islamic militants.

Lebanon - Home of the group Hezbollah, there is a question about whether Lebanon can effectively prevent terrorist activities.

Libya - Is protesting its inclusion in this list of countries which will require stricter security screenings for its airports.

Pakistan - known for housing Taliban members and routine terrorist activities.

Saudi Arabia - homeland of Osama bin Laden and potential al Qaeda presence.

Syria - known as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Sudan - possible al Qaeda members and acts of terrorism in this troubled country.

Somalia - home of al Shabaab, a group with links to al Qaeda.

Yemen - al Qaeda in this country claimed responsibility for the December 25, 2009 attack as the training grounds for the attempted bombing suspect.

Cuba - there has been some noise made about whether Cuba should be included with the other 13 countries on this list.

From the TSA "...TSA is mandating that every individual flying into the U.S. from anywhere in the world traveling from or through nations that are state sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest will be required to go through enhanced screening. The directive also increases the use of enhanced screening technologies and mandates threat-based and random screening for passengers on U.S. bound international flights."

Enhanced screenings will essentially include - pat downs, full body scans, extra searches through carry-on and explosive detection technology.




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