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Bako National Park

Bako National Park

Bako National Park was established in the year 1957 and is located about 37km away from the capital city of Kuching, Sarawak.

It is the smallest and oldest national park in Sarawak covering an area of 27 square km. This is one national park where you will be able to see long stretch of sandy beaches, rocky headlands with unique arches and seastacks coloured patterns that were formed by iron deposition over a period of time and an abundant of tropical rainforest all within the vicinity of this small park.

The unique arches and seastacks pattern that you will appreciate at the national park

These undisturbed environment has enabled the flora and fauna here to thrive, hence a perfect place for you to come and enjoy the nature in its most natural surroundings. Over 16 well marked trails have been established to enable you to see the various flora and fauna in this park.


This park has lush vegetation that represents the 7 ecosystems with an abundant of Dischidea Raffesiana, a plant with special expanded hollow leaves. Other plant life that you will discover here include the carniverous pitcher plants, sundews, and the bladderworts. The 7 complete ecosystems that are represented here are:

Beach Vegetation
Cliff Vegetation
Kerangas or heath forest
Mangrove forest
Mixed dipterocarp forest
Grasslands vegetation
Peat swamp forest
You do not have to go far to see these ecosystems as the park headquaters at Telok Assam has most of them.


There are many animals that you can see roaming in the wild here. Of particular interest is the proboscis monkeys which are protected species and can only be found in the island of Borneo. They are also known as the Dutchman due to their reddish brown in colour. They live on trees and are generally shy animals compared to the more common long-tailed macaques or the silver-leaf monkeys. Look out for other animals and insects that you may encounter which may include:

Borneo Bearded Pigs
Monitor lizards
Over 150 species of birds
Flying lemur or culago
Mouse deer
Palm civet cats
Slow loris
Silver leaf monkeys
Long-tailed macaques
Shell-dwelling hermit crabs


Walking along the more than 16 colour coded trails is the best way to observe and enjoy the flora and fauna here. Guides are also available for RM20-RM30/hour. The shortest route is Paya Jelutong with trail of 0.2km and the longest trail is Teluk Limau Trail with a total trail of 5.75km.

If you are on a day trip, try the Jalan Lintang trail which is located near the Park Headquarters in Telok Assam. You will go on a circular path covering a distance of 5.25km. Total time taken is approximately 3.5 hours.


Telok Pandan Besar is a good beach that you can go near the headquater. However, you will need to charter a boat as this bay is not accessible by land. The cost of the boat is in the range of RM20-RM30. Further away from the park is Telok Limau, a more secluded and isolated beach.

The Jalan Telok Limau trail which takes 10 hours will bring you to this beach. You will have to arrange for a boat to pick you up or camp near the beach. Remember to inform the park management as this trail is recommended only for the physically fit visitors.


You can choose to stay in chalets, hostel or camp here. Two to three room chalets with price ranging from RM50-RM100 are available for bookings. Enquiries and bookings can be done at the National Parks Booking Office in Kuching.

National Parks Booking Office
Visitors Information Centre
Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg
93000 Kuching Sarawak
Tel:+6 082 248088

Mondays-Fridays: 8am to 6pm
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 9am to 3pm

Getting To Bako National Park

Take a bus from Kuching to Bako Bazaar in Kampung Bako. Petra Jaya Bus No. 6 depart for the village every 40 minutes near the market in Kuching. The journey will take you 45 minutes. From here, take a 25 minutes boat ride to the Bako National Park Headquarter in Telok Assam which will cost you about RM40 each way for 5 people. You can share a boat with others who are also going there if there are not enough people to charter the entire boat.

The best time to go is from March to October when the sea is not rough due to the monsoon season that occurs from November to March. Day trip to the park is also possible.

source: http://www.malaysiavacationguide.com/



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