Friday, February 4, 2011

Niah National Park

The 3,138 hectares Niah National Park was gazetted as a national park on 23 November 1974. It is located about 130km away from Bintulu and 110km away from Miri. It is about 3km away from the nearest town known as Batu Niah. Its importance was recognized when archaeologists found the oldest remains of humans in Southeast Asia in the Great Cave, believed to be 40,000 years old. The west mouth of the Great Cave is one of the biggest cave entrances in the world with a dimensions of 250m wide and 60m high.

The cave was believed to be a refuge for the early human civilization. You will encounter swiftlet birds and bats in the caves here. The locals collect the nests of the swiftlet birds to be processed and sold as birds nest cuisine, believe to be good for health by the Chinese. The guano which is the droppings of bats and birds is collected and used as fertilizer for vegetables and plants.

Painted Cave

The Painted Cave is named so probably due to the small human-like figures drawn in red haematite.

Jungle Trekking
There are two jungle trails that you can use to discover the flora and fauna here. They are Jalan Bukit Kasut Trail and Jalan Madu Trail. Look out for orchids, giant pandanus plants, fungi, balsam and begonia. Birds such as bulbuls, partridges, hornbills can be spotted as well. Look out also for the long-tailed macaques and squirrels.

Jalan Bukit Kasut Trail
This trail will lead you to the peak of Bukit Kasut or Kasut Hill. This trail will take you less about 50 minutes and is marked in green and white. See the vegetation and Kerangas forest at the foot of the hill. See the panoramic view of the tropical rainforest from this hill.

Jalan Madu Trail
This trail will take you along the banks of Sungai Subis, one of the tributary of Niah River. It is marked in red and white and will take you less than an hour to complete. You will pass thourgh peat swamp forest.

Fees and Opening Hours

Admission Fees

Entrance fee is RM10 for adult and RM5 for child. Remember to get a trail map of the park at the counter.

Opening Hours of the Park Headquarters

8.00am to 5.00pm daily


Basic accommodation is available at the park with chalets and hostels managed by the Sarawak Foresty Corporation. There are also inns such as Niah Cave Inn and Niah Cave Hotel for ccommodation at Batu Niah town.

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